Introducing our bespoke parent/carer and child groups, held on weekdays across both of our settings.
We believe that alongside our children, parents and carers also need and deserve the nurturing and care we offer, for parenting is such an incredible journey, a momentous and deeply important task.


Saplings is our group for babies from birth to 2 years, held on weekdays in the Roundhouse at Muddifords Court. At our sessions you will find gentle, explorative invitations to play, using textures and materials that encourage a deepening sensory awareness in our babies.
We have a lovely rhythm that is as much a benefit for the adults as it is for the babies. We connect, share, eat and drink delicious treats and nurture ourselves on our parenting journey.


From two to four years our parents, carers and young ones are invited to join our Seedlings group, also held at Muddifords Court, in the large Dutch Barn. These sessions are all about exploring! The Dutch Barn is a large and beautiful structure with more than enough space for busy feet to run, climb, discover and find a moment to also be still, discovering  the resources and activities carefully designed to inspire the imagination and development of this age group.


Based at our Uffculme setting, Strollers is our Parent/ carer and child walking activity group, which is completely free to take part in. As with our other sessions Strollers aims to nurture both adult and child on the journey of being a family. Our time together often involves a delicious snack and hot drink as we take a beautiful path through different parts of our village, stopping for activities, songs and stories that engage your child along the way!

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